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Is there a way to install your program into other websites?

It works in that way, that you create a grid as plug in ...

admin.gif GRIDS arrow_2.gif EDIT arrow_2.gif Field: enable Only plugin

... and use the code feature ...

admin.gif GRIDS arrow_2.gif CODE arrow_2.gif Copy code and Plugin Link

... for integrating in another website. Include the scripts output in an <iframe> within the other website. This plug in feature of million pixel script makes it possible to do the pixel selection without the header and footer of the million pixel site, which is great cause you can use your script now as module or additional feature in the other website. You can customize this plug in view explicite in the style_plugin.css file, which is located in the folder open_thread.gifstyle/millionpixel.

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Last update: 2006-01-12 22:20
Author: Markus

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