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What are write permissions (chmod 777)?

In order to allow or deny the changing of or writing on files you can define file permissions on a unix server. If a script needs to write some data in a file or create some temporary files in a folder, it must have the right to do it. If you are uploading files via FTP to a server (hosting space), all files will normally have only read rights. If i.e. the million pixel script wants to create a grid image in a directory on your server in order to show it to your visitors, the folder where the grid file will be stored must be defined with the permission that the script is allowed to write in it. Also if it should be possible for a script to change content of a file, it must be given write permissions.

The million pixel script does also write in files and folders while working. Due to that reason you must set write permissions for some files and folders as listed in the INSTALL.txt of the script.

hand.jpgYou set write permissions with a FTP client software.

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