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If you want change text i.e. of the grid description, just select the template grid_ID_getstep1_start (where ID is the number of your grid which you can see in the grid editing form). If you get an error when saving, you may have forgotten to set the write permissions to the folders and files within the directory lang on your server.
achtung.gifChoose the template in the respective language, you want to edit. All templates are only html-templates (no PHP code). Please do not change the words of the placeholder which are embedded in percent signs and squared brackets ( %[WORDS]% ). These placeholder will be filled with essential data from the script. If you want to change Mail-Templates, search for files beginning with 'mail_' and the extension '.txt'. In this Mail-Templates please do not change the word 'Subject:' in the first line!

Last update: 2006-01-12 10:11
Author: Markus

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