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How to add a new language?

If you want to translate the script into a new language you can do this with the followin steps:

Login via FTP ftp.jpgon your server and go to the folder open_thread.giflang/Duplicate the language folder you want to translate by downloading it to your local computer and upload it under a different name to the same webfolder again.

You want to translate the english language to spanish, download the folderopen_thread.gifen to your local computer, rename it intoopen_thread.gifes and upload it again.
You need to name the new language folder in ISO code with two chars (nl = dutch, fr = french, it = italien etc.).

Login to your scripts admin area and go to Config. Under languages, you can now activate your new language.

Now you need to translate all templates and the language file in the Edit section under Edit Templates and Edit Language File. Select your new language on the right side from the pulldown menu to load.tip_1.gif

If you translate the files within your new language directory on your local computer with a text editor before uploading it again to your server, it might be easier for you.

achtung.gifDo never translate any HTML codes or Placeholder words like %[BETRAG]% (should NOT be translated to %[AMOUNT]%)! Do only translate the text!

Last update: 2006-01-16 01:17
Author: Markus

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