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How to change the background image of a pixel grid!

You can change and add additional pixel background pictures every time.

Simply log in to your server via ftp ftp.jpg and go to the directory open_thread.gifincs/grid_templates. There you will find the standard background images as .png files which comes with the script package. Download i.e. the _standard.png to your local computer and edit it with your preferred grafic software. (Change the color or add another image to it with some transparency etc.) Save it preferred as an png file and reduce the colors to may be 50 or less. The more you reduce the colors in your picture the smaller you can save your image in bytes, the faster it will be loaded on your website!
Upload your picture to your server again under a different name but in the same location like mentioned above (open_thread.gifincs/grid_templates). Go to your administration area of the script to grids and create a new one, or edit one existing grid. In the grid configuration, you can choose now your new picture as grid background.

Finish. See your new grid background on your site.

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