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Select your logo from your local computer and upload it. It will be changed on your site when selecting the checkbox and will be located in the folder mydir. If you get problems and see i.e. a red cross, that might be a permission error on your server. You can fix it by uploading your logo again via ftp directly to the folder mydir and overwrite the file you uploaded before via the control area.
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tip_1.gifYou can upload files to the server via the admin area which you can access then from blog, faq or from the templates if you want. All files will be stored in a direcory called board.gifmydir. I.e. if you want to access an uploaded picture called crazy.gif from a template or blog, you have to write <img src="mydir/crazy.gif">. (In blog and FAQ you can easy click on the Add Image Link button.)

Last update: 2006-01-12 10:12
Author: Markus

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