Trouble shooting

Problems with sending mails from feedback or Tell-A-Friend form?

May be your server is very restricted and won't send out messages with other "from" addresses than your webmaster address from your domain. If so, please put in the fields
eMail webmaster and eMail contact form in the admin area of the script under config
your webmaster address of your domain ( Substitute with your domainname.

  CONFIG  arrow_2.gif eMail webmaster and eMail contact form

After this, edit the two following files of the script with a simple texteditor (i.e. with notepad -> open the file from notepad, do not double click it to edit):

   more.gif feedback.php
   more.gif recommend.php

and delete in line 33 the char # from the beginning of the line, so that there will be

$from = $CONFIG['email_feedback'];

instead of
#$from = $CONFIG['email_feedback'];
Save the files and replace it on your server. This could fix your mail send problem.

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Last update: 2006-02-03 03:08
Author: Markus

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