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Get as much traffic as you can

To increase the worth of your pixel, you need as much traffic as you can. But how to get traffic? You could invest money and do promotion in Google Adwords, but there are several cheaper methods.

  • Write in blogs and boards with a pixel signature
    To get visitors you should write in boards and blogs and add your link to your pixel site in your signature. It will bring some clicks and also the spider of search engines to your site.
  • Upload free pixel on other pixel sitesTo profit from free pixel grids of other pixel sites, you should upload your image there to get clicks. Upload an image which is really interesting and funny, that will improve the click rates
  • Change pixel ad spaceIf your own pixel site is totally clean and empty you should upload some own pixels from your other websites or from friends and partners. You should offer always other pixel sites to change pixels, so that you can get visitors from them and offer visitors from your site.
  • Add content to your pixel siteYou need to create your site more interesting for visitors. Add some content, which can be spidered by search engines, read by your visitors and makes your site interesting.
  • Export pixel banners in other websitesHow to integrate a pixel grid into another website ...
  • Always offer small free pixel grids below your paid grid
    or as sub grid page
  • Work on your site and promote every day.

Last update: 2006-01-12 15:17
Author: Markus

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