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How to add more subjects in the feedback form

If you want to add more subjects to the feedback form you can do this with the following steps:

  1. Login via FTP ftp.jpgand go to the directory open_thread.gif lang/en (ord lang/de for german) and open the file language.php with a normal text editor.
  2. Add at the end of the file a new line with a new line number which is unused (i.e. 80) and with your new subject as described now:

    $_SP[80] = "<br>Your new subject.";
  3. Save the file and do it in the same way in the other language files in the other language directories.
  4. Go to the main directory of your script and open the file feedback.php with a normal text editor.
  5. Add after the following line

    $betreff[3] = $_SP[59];

    a new line which reffers to the line you added in step 2

    $betreff[4] = $_SP[80];
  6. Save the file. Finish.

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Last update: 2006-04-04 14:51
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