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How to change the layout of the grids on a page

You can customize the layout of the grids on each page or subpage individual.

Change grid layout: only one gridpage used
If you only have one gridpage (no other sub categories/grid pages), you can change the layout of your grids in that way:

Change the template header_grids (as described here)
and delete the placeholder %[GRIDS]%. Fill in this instead:

text or something

Save it. The numbers within the placeholder are the GRID ID of your grid, so you can customize your site like you want, put your grids individual in tables or whatever.
In this example, your grid with the ID 1 will be on top of your page, then follows some text and then your grid with the grid ID 2.

Change grid layout: more gridpages/categories used
If you have different grid pages, you need to create and upload a simple text file in your language directory (i.e. lang/en) called header_grids_pageX.htm where X is the PAGE ID of the page, where you want to make the change.
Set write permission to this file after uploading to your language directory. After that, you edit it with your template editor in the admin in the same way like above. So you can define your layout of the grids as you like for each page! Great, isn't it?

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  1. A sample file for a grid page with an ID 2. Within this file you can see, how the different banner are layouted as it is done in the million script demo.
  2. If you have version 2.2 or higher there might be a bug which you can fix by replacing the grid.php file in the main scripts directory (see attachement 2).

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